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Measuring and analysing the results with Mobiilimittari is straightforward. As the first step you'll need to download the application for your mobile:

Install the application by following the instructions.

Before the first measurement

After installing the application you may begin the measurement immediately but by adjusting few additional settings you can make the results more accurate and make them better exploitable:

  • Information of possible speed limits of the subscription that the results can be interpreted properly. This will be asked after the application is launched the first time, and this information may be given at this time. The speed limit information may be also changed afterwards in the "Settings" view.
  • If you wish to bound your results with a location, and to make them visible on the map view, you should allow location services on your device. The locating can be enabled or disabled also in the "Setting" view. By default, locating is enabled.
  • Advanced (and registered) users have a possibility to add a comment text to the results. In that way you are able, for example, to differentiate a set of measurements from others. The comment field appears in the "Settings" view once the required user level is reached.
  • At the first application launch, user is asked to sign in to the service. Benefits of this functionality are described in the following section but this may be also passed at this time and is possible to add later on in the "Settings" view as well.

Registering and logging in

Log in is available only for registered users. The registration is optional and is not required for performing the measurements. Registering and logging in has anyway certain benefits, since your measurements can be then bound to your account. Then you'll get a chance to explore your own results on a map, whereas in the other case you may explore only the average results of all users' measurements. If you are not interested in more on this, you may move into the section Measuring and exploring results in the application.

The registration may be done in the application or on the web page. The registration is a simple process, but in order to get your account activated, you will need to bind the account with the installed application. Prior of that you do not have an access for the benefits of registered users that are:

  • A possibility to explore your own results on a map
  • A possibility to get your user name and your results visible in the top results
  • A possibility to see statistics of your own measurement results
  • A possibility of upgrading to the next user level, and henceforth get an access to new features

Once log in has been completed in the application, measured results are attached automatically to your account. After logging in on the web site, you'll gain an access to "My information" section, where measurement statistics are displayed and user account details can be managed.

Measuring and exploring results in the application

After installing the Mobiilimittari application you may start performing the measurements simply by pressing the "Measure" button. The measurements can be also performed continuously that can be enabled or disabled by the "Continuous mode" switch. The measurements are then repeated until the continuous mode has been disabled. After disabling the continuous mode, the current measurement will be completed but no new one is being started anymore. The measurement can be ended in anytime by pressing "Cancel" button.

During the measurement, the progress and results of individual tests are visible on the application main screen. After the measurement has been completed, the application highlights the main results of all three tests, as well as the overall quality estimation. After a single measurement, two additional buttons appear on the main screen. The "Information" button opens a new window describing first the overall meaning of the result, and then later its general application for different application types. It is worth of noticing that these are only estimations, and naturally do not describe in detail a quality of the certain application in two reasons. Firstly, behaviour of different applications of an application type may differ significantly of others, and secondly performing an exact application test would be too slow and complicated process in this type of end user application.

The second appearing button is called "Rate", which opens an new window as well. In this window, the user may give estimation by itself on how the connection has been behaving within the last hour, if some of applications requiring Internet connection has been used.

The user may view and explore results on a map with a separate map view on the Mobiilimittari application, called "Map". By default, it represents user's own results on a map, if logged in, but this can be changed to display all results instead. The user that hasn't logged in within the application is capable of exploring all results only. With the map menu, the user may analyse the technology and operator specific results too. A difference between all results and the user's own results is that the all results represents average values over all measured results whereas the own results show individual values.

On the view "Latest result", the user may have a more detailed look into results of its latest measurement. This view details all information being collected from the individual measurement.

Exploring results on the web page

On the web page you will have a possibility to explore results on a map similarly than in the application. You may select one of several metrics to be displayed, such as connection quality, download speed and upload speed. In addition, the technology and the operator specific results may be explored.

The top results are displayed on the web page, which includes rankings for several different categories. Only the results measured by the registered users are visible in the listings.