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What is mobile meter?

Mobiilimittari is a free service that can be utilised by end users to measure quality of their Internet connection. The service provides an easy way for users to explore if their Internet subscription meets the expectations, on which level connection quality of others has been in the area and if subscriptions of some other operator performs significantly better. The Mobiilimittari service is mainly targeted for mobile devices.

The Mobiilimittari application is used for measurements, which end users can download to their device (Android and iOS based devices are currently supported). The usage is simple, and the main results are displayed right after the measurement. In addition, the application shows a more detailed view of the last results on a separate tab. The results can be also explored on a map on both, the application and the web site.

You may start using the service immediately after downloading the application. However by registering into the service, the user gets an access to additional features that are:

  • Ability to display own results on a map
  • Statistics of own results
  • New features associated to user levels. The user levels are described here

The background of Mobiilimittari goes back to year 2002, when VTT started developing Moset, which is a system that Mobiilimittari is based on. Whereas the Moset tool is targeted for a professional usage, Mobiilimittari is a simplified free version for end users. The Mobiilimittari service was launched in 2010, when it was one of first public services in the World providing a separate connection measurement application for mobile devices. Since after, several similar services has been published that indicates an obvious demand for such services. At the beginning, the Mobiilimittari application was available only for Symbian based mobiles but support for iOS devices was introduced before the end of year 2010. In 2015, the Mobiilimittari service got through a complete renewal, when new functionalities in the measurement and the results visualisation were included. Within the same year, the platform support was extended with the Android application.

Please contact us to get more information on Moset and Mobiilimittari systems!

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